325is, Back in Action

I haven't had a car of my own since early 2013, so it's going to be really nice to have something fun to drive again.
rear shot I found this 1987 BMW 325is over in South Bend, Indiana. It has a few cosmetic things wrong with it that I will have to fix, but seems to be in great mechanical condition. I drove it back to Chicago without any incident, so I'm hoping to get through the winter months and take some long trips without any trouble. The only thing that worries me is this car has done 220,000 miles.

perspective shot I've liked the way e30 BMWs look for a long time, so it's exciting to finally have one of my own. My only real goal for this car is to get used to driving a rear wheel drive car with enough power to be fun. I have plans to upgrade to something faster in the future, but the market is good for these BMWs, so it's a good chance to own something fun and learn before moving on.

perspective shot II There is some rust.
The front quarter panels and door sills have started to go, and will eventually need some attention in order to keep the car on the road, but that is really the worst of the rust. There are several other surface rust areas the previous owner had sanded down for repainting, but they will need to be re-sanded before any painting can be done. If I have the car long enough I will do this myself, it's a good preventative measure and would make the car look cleaner.

rear badge The previous owner replaced the stock badges with these carbon fiber look black and white badges. Both front, back, and the steering wheel badge have been replaced. I don't really know how I feel about these badges, so if someone offered to trade I would probably take them up on it.

front shot I'm excited to have a fun new-to-me car. I'll let it see me through the winter while performing maintenance tasks and fixing anything else that bothers me, and see how I feel come spring. Whatever happens, it will involve more POWERRR!